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Indoor and Outdoor Progressives

Another stab at the political taxonomy of progressivism in RI, but this time with cats!

Friday Flagging: Coventry

What is up with that elephant?

RI Governance: A Matter of Structure or Personnel?

Katie Mulvaney got some play with this article in PolitiFact RI assessing Gov. Lincoln Chafee’s claim that the Rhode Island legislature is one of the most powerful state legislatures in the country. It’s a fascinating article, mainly focused around one point: Rhode Island has a weak executive relative to the rest of the states. Whether or not you agree […]

Topeka Capitol

You Think RI Has Problems: Check Out Kansas

While the Rhode Island GOP sues to keep Bob Healey off the Moderate Party line, the Kansas GOP is attempting to prevent the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Chad Taylor from withdrawing. The background is that the Republican incumbent Pat Robers is vulnerable to the independent candidate Greg Orman, but Taylor could draw off enough votes […]

Context for the Urbanophile’s Context

I’ve largely remained silent on Aaron “the Urbanophile” Renn’s critiques of Rhode Island, but since he delved into our history in the name of context, I feel the need to push back on some misinformation he seems to provide. Renn starts with Slater Mill: Why did America’s industrial revolution begin in Rhode Island? There are […]