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The Co-op Faces a Test of the Strength of its Opposition

Did Potter’s repudiation from the Co-op harm him or the Co-op more?

The State of RI’s Political Parties, as Divined Through Candidate Declarations

The General Assembly has a lot of uncontested seats, and more than a few missed chances for both parties.

big tent image

A Big Tent for all but the Left

What good is a big tent that doesn’t cover the base?

RI Polarization '13 graph

Rhode Island: The Least Polarized State Legislature

There’s a big caveat here: this data is only up to 2013. As such, it doesn’t take into account the sudden shift in the House leadership in 2014¬†which is assumed to have taken us to the right. We’ll have to wait to see whether Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s ascension and the subsequent 2014 budget made a […]