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Independent Man RI

Nearly 3/4ths of the Next General Assembly Will Win Today Just By Breathing

Most Rhode Islanders will turnout this Election Day with an eye on the big races. While I don’t want to downplay the importance of the vote for Governor, the reality is that the most important vote for the majority of Rhode Islanders will basically have already been cast. Out of 113 seats, 83 will face […]

The “Solution” to Gerrymandering

Some people highlighted Alex Krogh-Grabbe’s maps of the Providence mayoral primary┬ábut of far more interest to me was this earlier post on algorithmic redistricting. In the original Wonkblog post from which Krogh-Grabbe draws from, they highlight the work of Massachusetts software engineer Brain Olson who created a program that creates “optimally compact” districts. Wonkblog titles […]