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Truth and Reconciliation and Reparations in Providence

Early focus on reparations ignored that the Mayor is opening a truth and reconciliation process that will force difficult conversations for the City.

Crime, and the Politicians Who Lie About It

If we lived in a rational world, Allan Fung would’ve just disqualified himself from the governorship with this video where he states “Providence is not the same Providence I grew up in,” alluding to a recent spate of violence in the capital city, and then pinning the blame on Governor Raimondo. As former Journal reporter Mike […]

Bad Arguments in Favor of the PawSox Move

I’ve seen some pretty atrocious lines of argument in favor of building a stadium in Providence, and rather than give each one its own bit of time, I’ll just condense them here. Sports teams can’t fail Yes, they can. In fact, the Pawtucket Red Sox have already gone bankrupt once. And when teams fail, it often means […]

The PawSox Are Trying to Extort Rhode Island

Our proposal represents a good faith effort to propose a way for the state and the city to help support the new owners in their efforts to keep the team in Rhode Island -Jim Skeffington, PawSox President It’s hard to take Skeffington at his word when he says something like that, simply because Skeffington is […]

Flag of Providence

Symbolizing Providence

It’s time to party like it’s 2009, because the famous $100,000 Providence “P” of the “Creative Capital” rebranding campaign is back. The one by North Star (the community branding agency that seems unsure of its own brand I found three different ways to write its own name on its website) and local design company Schwadesign. You’ll remember […]

On Providence

Online, there’s an account called “OurPVD” which says its purpose is to “Increas[e] awareness about an oft-misunderstood place”. As we enter the election for our next mayor, I’ve thought a lot about that account’s name and what it means. What does “our Providence” truly mean? I was born and raised in Providence during its Renaissance. […]