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A Big Tent for all but the Left

What good is a big tent that doesn’t cover the base?

Gina Raimondo

Political Labels Come Down to Authenticity

I’m amused by the debate over whether Gina Raimondo counts as “progressive” as highlighted by Ed Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick’s right that it “depends on what your meaning of the word ‘progressive’ is.” Numerous writers within Rhode Island such as Mark Gray, Steve Alqhuist, Bob Plain, Justin Katz, Andrew Tillett-Saks, and myself, have all taken cracks at definitions […]

Analysis Without Analysis When It Comes to RI Democrats

Russ Moore has an already mercilessly shredded column up at GoLocalProv, attacking all progressives via the actions (or non-actions) of the RI Progressive Democrats – and to a certain extent, just their state coordinator. Moore claims his screed is an indictment of progressives, but it’s mainly just attacking Myrth York who may be leaving the Brett Smiley […]