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Reforming Rhode Island Elections

There were a couple of discussions of election reforms tossed around recently that I just have to respond to: 1. Do We Need Runoff Elections by Patrick Laverty Laverty argues that runoff elections aren’t needed, whether they come in the traditional form of a subsequent runoff election or in the faster instant-runoff voting (IRV) method — […]

IRV Flowchart

Strengths and Weaknesses of Instant-Runoff Voting

I had some more thoughts on instant-runoff voting (IRV). Specifically I want to talk about some of the implications of it. IRV makes tactical voting extremely difficult. Voting, ostensibly, should be a voter entering the booth and casting a vote for the candidate they think will be most likely to enact the policies they support. […]

AEC Example ballot

The NBC10 Wingmen Poorly Explain Instant-runoff Voting

So, Bill Rappeleye, Bob Plain, and Justin Katz have a discussion about about instant-runoff voting (IRV) and none of them can explain it right. Plain starts off the best, by describing what IRV might’ve looked like with the Democratic primary for governor of RI. Voters go in, they rank the candidates in order of their preference […]