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John Edwards

Be Wary of Self-Proclaimed Working Class Heroes

Both Gina Raimondo and Angel Taveras (and to a certain extent, Allan Fung) have been on the air with ads about their humble beginnings as the children of factory workers. To a liberal electorate, that’s an easy way to signal that they’ll be economically progressive. Unfortunately, researchers from Princeton and Duke have a study due […]

The Abrupt Shift in the Providence Mayoral Race Coverage

RIPR’s Scott MacKay beat me to the punch, but I’d like to add my thoughts on the subject of the Cianstoration. A funny thing happened on Wednesday mid-afternoon. Suddenly, it became 2002 again. Reading the coverage of Buddy Cianci entering the mayoral field it seems the media has inaugurated him the incumbent. This WPRI story? The URL […]