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Graph of RI House Vote Totals

How Did Republicans Gain 5 Seats In The House With The Fewest Votes Ever?

The most fascinating story not yet told in the 2014 elections isn’t the issue of whether or not Healey spoiled Fung’s chances or how the Democrats swept all the statewide races for the first time since 1960. It was that the Republicans gained seats in the RI House of Representatives despite earning their fewest votes since […]

A Political Party By Any Other Name

Q: What do you call a group of politicians who want to “win office and work to solve Rhode Island’s problems”? A: A political party. Okay, that’s not officially what the “Independent Coalition” of Jonathan Vallecilla, Ethan Gyles, Luis Vargas, Jim Roche, Bob Quattrochi, Lauri Archambault, Blake Filippi, and Karin Gorman is (running for both the House […]

Analysis Without Analysis When It Comes to RI Democrats

Russ Moore has an already mercilessly shredded column up at GoLocalProv, attacking all progressives via the actions (or non-actions) of the RI Progressive Democrats – and to a certain extent, just their state coordinator. Moore claims his screed is an indictment of progressives, but it’s mainly just attacking Myrth York who may be leaving the Brett Smiley […]