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Daphne and Apollo

Pell and Rhode Island’s Political Shapeshifters

Let me start this out by saying I don’t like Clay Pell as a candidate. I know that should be obvious, but it bears repeating. But the news that he was a registered Republican in Arizona until 2009 and registered Democrat in Rhode Island from 2003 strikes me as an uproar over nothing much. First, […]

Whoa, Big Attack Ad!

So, RI’s political watchers are in a tizzy over an attack ad released by Angel Taveras’ campaign against Clay Pell. Here’s the ad, and you won’t believe how vicious it is: Right? It’s a goddamn bloodbath. Some are reading this as surefire proof that Clay Pell is a force to be reckoned with, specifically that he […]

Why I Don’t Get Clay Pell

Ted Nesi is out with a story claiming that Clay Pell is gaining traction in the race for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Rhode Island. The only thing missing? Hard evidence that Clay Pell is actually doing well. Mostly, it amounts to guesses from pollster Joe Fleming, hoorahing from Pell backer Bob Walsh (NEARI executive director), […]