A brief update on where the project is at, and other flag news.

Portsmouth, Rhode Island: home of the only good town flag in RI?

Pawtucket, a city astride two states, the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, and also a hotbed of the labor movement.

North Smithfield, how a small decision can have repercussions down the line.

Exploring the flag of North Providence, the most-reduced town in Rhode Island, home of turnpikes and exploding gunpowder mill.

In the best case scenario, progressive legislators could control the Senate and utterly transform the way the House legislates.

North Kingstown, the only place in America where someone was dismembered for high treason. And also SeaBees!

Shipwrecks, secession, and scales as Sam Howard examines the flag of New Shoreham (aka Block Island).

This week, we explore Newport, home of naval installations, old mill towers, glorious mansions, and the legacy of the slave trade.

Early focus on reparations ignored that the Mayor is opening a truth and reconciliation process that will force difficult conversations for the City.