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Friday Flagging: Smithfield

Going to Apple Valley to talk more about mills villages, partitions, and how suburbanization revitalized western RI.

Friday Flagging: Scituate

Scituate, one of three towns formed from Providence, could never quite escape the influence of the state capital, which permanently transformed it with the reservoir.

Friday Flagging: Richmond

Richmond, the fourth division of Westerly, and a town where the populated areas are almost all shared with other towns.

Friday Flagging: Providence

The politics of logos, seals, and flags in a diverse city with a lot of strong-willed people. And can you even make a flag to represent Providence?

A Nearly 4000 Word History of Providence, RI

A history of Providence in less than 4,000 words. But not all of the history of Providence by far.

Friday Flagging: September Update

A brief update on where the project is at, and other flag news.

Friday Flagging: Portsmouth

Portsmouth, Rhode Island: home of the only good town flag in RI?

Friday Flagging: Pawtucket

Pawtucket, a city astride two states, the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, and also a hotbed of the labor movement.

Friday Flagging: North Smithfield

North Smithfield, how a small decision can have repercussions down the line.

Friday Flagging: North Providence

Exploring the flag of North Providence, the most-reduced town in Rhode Island, home of turnpikes and exploding gunpowder mill.