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Where will the Moderates go in their Post-Block Era?

The Moderate Party of Rhode Island has a new(ish?) website. And a new Twitter account (previously, it was Ken Block’s account) complete with Block Era logo and a looming Bob Healey header image (it’s jettisoned the 4 E’s). But despite Healey’s dramatic 21.4% finish and candidate for Lt. Governor William Gilbert’s respectable 8.3% vote share, whether […]

A Political Party By Any Other Name

Q: What do you call a group of politicians who want to “win office and work to solve Rhode Island’s problems”? A: A political party. Okay, that’s not officially what the “Independent Coalition” of Jonathan Vallecilla, Ethan Gyles, Luis Vargas, Jim Roche, Bob Quattrochi, Lauri Archambault, Blake Filippi, and Karin Gorman is (running for both the House […]

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RI GOP Fails to Oust Healey As Moderate Party Nominee

This post is heavily indebted to the live-tweeting of Andrew Augustus (WPRO), Katherine Gregg (The Providence Journal), and Catherine Welch (RIPR). The Rhode Island Republican Party has failed in its attempt to remove former Cool Moose Party leader Robert Healey from the November ballot. The Moderate Party (now sans founder Ken Block) nominated Healey for […]