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Let’s Talk About Last Week

I just wanted to play Battletech this week. But then everyone decided this would be a good week to make a lot of news. So let’s go through it, one by one. 1. Scott Avedisian: From Mayor to RIPTA Avedisian has confounded me of late. I’m not the only one to point this out, but […]

Shadow of Mordor Screenshot

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Is A Triumph of Politics at a Personal Level

The first time I met an orc captain in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor I had to flee from him before he killed me. This would spawn a longstanding rivalry between myself and this character that would last through roughly the first third of the game — he killed me twice more and then I exploited his fear […]

Screenshot from my "After the End" playthrough

Crusader Kings II: After the End Quick Review

Crusader Kings II remains my all-time favorite game. Part of it is the love I had for a Mac version of its predecessor, which was one of the few games I could actually play on my Mac laptop. Another part is that the core game is wonderful, almost always allowing me to carve out a […]

Overkill Lucille Banner

Overkill, the Walking Dead, and Payday 2 fans

Overkill Software is a Swedish video game developer that’s created a four-player cooperative first person shooter series named Payday. The Payday series is basically one where players can play as a bank robber in highly unrealistic scenarios across Washington, D.C. Thanks to a levelling system and a steady stream of updates, the games is pretty endlessly replayable, and look set to […]