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This Won’t Make RI Happy

Rhode Island’s tourism campaign has had a rocky roll-out. The new logo has not been warmly received. Despite a kind review from Armin Vit, over half of voters on the logo review website Brand New have been cool to it, with an overwhelming majority feeling negatively about the tagline (“Cooler and Warmer”). The problems with the‘s […]

Bad Arguments in Favor of the PawSox Move

I’ve seen some pretty atrocious lines of argument in favor of building a stadium in Providence, and rather than give each one its own bit of time, I’ll just condense them here. Sports teams can’t fail Yes, they can. In fact, the Pawtucket Red Sox have already gone bankrupt once. And when teams fail, it often means […]

The PawSox Are Trying to Extort Rhode Island

Our proposal represents a good faith effort to propose a way for the state and the city to help support the new owners in their efforts to keep the team in Rhode Island -Jim Skeffington, PawSox President It’s hard to take Skeffington at his word when he says something like that, simply because Skeffington is […]

We Should Heed Caution on the PawSox Moving to Providence

RIPR’s Scott MacKay is right to throw water on the idea of giving over vacant 195 land to build a riverside stadium. It’s not clear that a stadium makes much sense. Take for instance, these two charts of total and average attendance among the PawSox’s International League.   I’ve highlighted a few teams. Pawtucket is highlighted in […]

Flag of Providence

Symbolizing Providence

It’s time to party like it’s 2009, because the famous $100,000 Providence “P” of the “Creative Capital” rebranding campaign is back. The one by North Star (the community branding agency that seems unsure of its own brand I found three different ways to write its own name on its website) and local design company Schwadesign. You’ll remember […]

Rhode Island Has It Worse Than Anywhere Else, Unless You’re Anywhere Else

Geographer Jim Russell has some typically illuminating thoughts (highly applicable to Rhode Island) on what he describes as “The Mythology of Uniqueness” in Pacific Standard. Adding a geographic perspective to the affordable housing debate, the illusion of local limits our policy choices. The problem (i.e. lack of affordable housing) is framed as local. Thus, the solutions […]

Old Spitalfields Market

Idea for Vacant I-195 Land: A Market

So I’m reading the Providence Sustainability Plan (thanks to GCPVD) and I came across a little bullet point: Support the creation of a year-round Providence Farmers’ Market. How could Providence do this? My thought is that we already have the pretty successful Providence Flea and the Farm Fresh RI Farmers’ Markets. Why not take the cue […]

Project ACE flyer

Meds and Eds and Human Testing

Pacific Standard Magazine has a fascinating article out about a place decimated by the collapse of the textile industry turning a university-healthcare collaborative to revitalize their region: Today’s Kannapolis does not offer as many good blue-collar jobs as it used to—unemployment still hovers at 10 percent—but it does provide plenty of opportunities for locals to serve as […]