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This Won’t Make RI Happy

Rhode Island’s tourism campaign has had a rocky roll-out. The new logo has not been warmly received. Despite a kind review from Armin Vit, over half of voters on the logo review website Brand New have been cool to it, with an overwhelming majority feeling negatively about the tagline (“Cooler and Warmer”). The problems with the‘s […]

Flag of Providence

Symbolizing Providence

It’s time to party like it’s 2009, because the famous $100,000 Providence “P” of the “Creative Capital” rebranding campaign is back. The one by North Star (the community branding agency that seems unsure of its own brand I found three different ways to write its own name on its website) and local design company Schwadesign. You’ll remember […]

I Can’t Stand It!

There’s an old joke about how went humans went into space for the first time they discovered that their pens didn’t work. So the Americans spent millions of dollars developing a pen that could not only write in space, but upside down and underwater as well. The Soviets just brought pencils. It’s completely false, of […]

Of License Plates and Design Contests

Some of you may know that the standard Rhode Island license plate (a low-numbered version is pictured above) is going the way of the dodo; the expected extinction date is September 1st, 2017. The new version is decidedly “meh” — the design is part of the “Discover Beautiful Rhode Island” campaign that may have been […]

Scribners 1880 Popular Vote Map

Mapping Politics: Democrat Red and Republican Blue

It’s incredibly fascinating how quickly standards can be set, even if they fly in the face of international and American norms. Take for instance, the colors we use to represent Democrats and Republicans. The current standard is that Democrats should be represented by blue and the Republicans should be represented by red. The Democrats even […]

Journal interactive example 4

How to Mislead (Unintentionally) With An Interactive Graph

One of the fun things about the WPRI/Providence Journal poll is the way the two media organizations represent the poll with interactive graphics. I generally tweet my criticisms when the polling comes out, and this year, except for one minor hiccup, I’m pretty impressed with how WPRI displayed the polling. The key thing is that […]