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Progressives in RI stand on precipice of power

In the best case scenario, progressive legislators could control the Senate and utterly transform the way the House legislates.

The Pedro Million Shows the Worst of RI

The government is being run by people who are more interested in power and profit than governing well.

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Frank Bruni eats dinner, again.

Frank Bruni throws Governor Raimondo an eggplant parmigiana-fueled pity party.

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A Big Tent for all but the Left

What good is a big tent that doesn’t cover the base?

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The Stupidest Column on RI Politics Yet

Russell Moore has become GoLocalProv’s biggest peddler of anti-Democratic Party rhetoric since Don Roach and Travis Rowley went mostly silent and his most recent column, comparing General Treasurer Gina Raimondo to Governor Lincoln Chafee, doesn’t break that model. Moore’s column is terrible, ascribing pretty standard Democratic positions to “progressives” and thus the “far-left” and thus proving that Gina Raimondo […]

People Want to Define “Progressive” Because Progressives Matter

Something else occurred to me about the squabbling over who’s progressive and who isn’t. Perhaps the reason all the Democratic candidates for governor, for Mayor of Providence, and even Buddy Cianci want to use the label “progressive” is that people who call themselves progressive matter as voters. There’s no similar rush by anyone to call […]


Yesterday over at RI Future, in response to some pretty hardcore comments from Representative Spencer Dickinson after he didn’t get the Young Democrats endorsement, I pointed out that Rep. Dickinson refused to submit the Young Democrats of Rhode Island endorsement questionnaire. Lest anyone think Dickinson was the only legislator to shoot us down, I submit the […]

The RI Democrats Have A Platform?

I assume Providence Phoenix editor Phil Eil lobbied for the party platform of the RI Democratic Party as part of his story about what it means to be a Democrat in Rhode Island. Anyhow, he managed to get the party’s executive director, Jon Boucher, to release this copy of a platform. Eil, though, is unsure how recent […]

Analysis Without Analysis When It Comes to RI Democrats

Russ Moore has an already mercilessly shredded column up at GoLocalProv, attacking all progressives via the actions (or non-actions) of the RI Progressive Democrats – and to a certain extent, just their state coordinator. Moore claims his screed is an indictment of progressives, but it’s mainly just attacking Myrth York who may be leaving the Brett Smiley […]

David Caprio: Exit, Pursued by a Bear

I don’t think there’s a serious political observer who takes David Caprio’s statement that he’s stepping down as RI Democratic Party chair because he cannot “dedicate the necessary time and energy to assist [Democratic candidates] in their respective campaigns,” at face value. It’d be like a CEO resigning because they couldn’t find the time to […]