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The Journal Comes Out in Favor of Government Misbehavior

Two things can be true: The RI Convention Center may need an audit. Speaker Mattiello acted illegally by initiating an audit of the RI Convention Center Authority without first seeking a vote from the majority of the Joint Committee on Legislative Services (JCLS). Unfortunately, the Editorial Board at the Providence Journal has determined that it […]

Following Up on Crime and Politicians

There were a few points that I want to expand on or that I didn’t include in the last post. First, more charts! Providence Crime Data from 1985-2016 WPRI’s Dan McGowan got in contact with me to note that my assertion that the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report doesn’t have data more recent than 2014 was […]

Crime, and the Politicians Who Lie About It

If we lived in a rational world, Allan Fung would’ve just disqualified himself from the governorship with this video where he states “Providence is not the same Providence I grew up in,” alluding to a recent spate of violence in the capital city, and then pinning the blame on Governor Raimondo. As former┬áJournal reporter Mike […]