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Abolish Rhode Island’s General Officers

Creating a collegial executive could make Rhode Island’s government more responsive to all of its people.

You Probably Shouldn’t Directly Elect Legislative Leaders

Electing a Speaker by statewide vote is a tempting proposal, but would create chaos in practice.

The United States Senate, AD 1850

A Convention is likely to pass and no one knows what will happen next

It seems incredibly likely that voters will go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for a Constitutional Convention. Anti-Convention forces have portrayed this as a disaster. Pro-Convention forces have portrayed this as a utopian moment. Neither are likely to be right. It won’t surprise anyone that a Convention will win. There’s no doubt the […]

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So, Grover Norquist and Ken Block Walk Into the Squantum Association…

I can hardly think of an event more likely to put off the bulk of potential Rhode Island Constitutional Convention supporters than to have Grover Norquist headline it, along with the loser of the RI Republican gubernatorial primary, and to have the people putting it on be solely the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity. […]

The Line-Item Veto Is A Pile of Suck

If you were to throw a brick and fatally wound one of the most vehement supporters of a Constitutional Convention for Rhode Island it’s likely with their dying breath they would whisper into the ear of their broken-hearted loved one a simple phrase: “the line-item veto.” And just as their last words would be wasted […]

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A Young Man’s Case for a Constitutional Convention in Rhode Island

Today, Scotland will be making a decision about whether it wants to declare independence from the United Kingdom. There will be an incredible amount of turnout, it’s likely 97% of all people eligible have registered to vote, and turnout is likely to top 80% of registered voters. On November 4th, Rhode Islanders will also have […]

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ConCon Promises That Can’t Be Kept

From Mike Stenhouse at the Ocean State Current (emphasis added): In a ConCon, there will be no secret, backroom deals (like 38 Studios), no master lever, and there will be no future reelection campaign that power brokers can use as a threat to coerce delegates to vote their way. The special interest groups desperately want […]