Link Dump 7/31/2018

Landfill in Barclay, Ontario, Canada. Photo by Michelle Arsenault. Uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by Dhcommtech

Thanks to the power of Twitter, everyday I learn about an awful lot of things. Here’s some of the best.

Cool Data:

Political History/Science:

National Politics:

  • “I didn’t know there was a progressive security policy,” said the late Michael Hastings in 2012; but he might’ve well said “foreign policy” because over half a decade later, with the Democratic Party shifting leftwards, The New Republic‘s Sarah Jones goes searching for the latter and finds the new generation of left politicians wanting. As RI’s liberal Senator Whitehouse is being primaried largely due to his support for interventionist wars, it’s worth pondering over why foreign policy hasn’t been important for progressives since the Iraq War used to make headlines and what a progressive foreign policy should look like.


Fixes for Elections Junkies:

International Politics:

Video Notes:

  • Joan Baez covers Josh Ritter’s “Silver Blade” – the video for it is by Laura Hiliard
  • Lindsay Ellis does a deep dive on why the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast missed the point entirely and responded to bad faith criticisms with its own clumsy gestures towards progressivism.

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