RI Scandals Chart

The Diner Scandal: Full Coverage

Aren’t you just shocked, shocked, shocked that Allan Fung shot the fourteen seconds he appears sitting in a restaurant in Ohio? I mean seriously, this an abhorrent apostasy against Rhode Island. I can’t imagine why he might want to be in a restaurant when talking about the restaurant that his family opened. Obviously, he should’ve realized that GoLocalProv has nothing better to do but stare at the out-of-focus backgrounds of political ads all day. If anything, that proves he shouldn’t be Governor. It’s a rookie mistake to assume GoLocalProv has better things to do.

Anyhow, in case you’re not angry enough, here’s a helpful chart so you can summon up the correct amount of anger:

RI Scandals Chart
Current scandal marked in green

On the topic of political ads, why does no one do catchy songs in campaign ads anymore? Here’s Kennedy in 1960:

And here’s Nixon’s 1972 re-election campaign:

Angel Taveras seemed pretty excited about his campaign song, but I haven’t heard it once (though I might not be listening to the right radio stations). Where’s the fun-loving, catchy jingle that I’ll be humming all summer long?

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