Friday Flagging looks at South Kingstown, a former capital with an absolutely brutal past, and also a lot of wool.

Going to Apple Valley to talk more about mills villages, partitions, and how suburbanization revitalized western RI.

A reader offers a suggestion for how to make the lieutenant governor matter, but I think we’ve already decided that it shouldn’t.

Scituate, one of three towns formed from Providence, could never quite escape the influence of the state capital, which permanently transformed it with the reservoir.

Another stab at the political taxonomy of progressivism in RI, but this time with cats!

Richmond, the fourth division of Westerly, and a town where the populated areas are almost all shared with other towns.

Did Potter’s repudiation from the Co-op harm him or the Co-op more?

The politics of logos, seals, and flags in a diverse city with a lot of strong-willed people. And can you even make a flag to represent Providence?

A history of Providence in less than 4,000 words. But not all of the history of Providence by far.

September 8th will be the only election for many Rhode Islanders where there’s more than one candidate on the ballot. We should change that.